Food Safety Policy

With the contribution of our employees and steakholders; we produce healthy ,safety,tasty refined oil and and meal for the livestock sector.


Our principles

  • To produce under constant supervision, in a hygenic environment and conditions, consistent with the dietary guidelines
  • Reliable food production with the trained personnel
  • Ensure food security
  • To ensure customer satisfaction; increase the efficiency in all processes in order to serve the products with the best value
  • Monitor and use the technology
  • To maintain our leadership; we continuously enhance our quality and HACPP food safety management
  • Efficient use of the natural resources by the help of the applications that values human and environment.
  • Comply with the legal regulations
  • From the supply of the raw material till the production of the final product; we make the controls at each stage and commit to be sensitive

Environmental Policy

We minimize the environmetal pollution and damage; by controlling the factors that cause the pollution.

  • Fulfill legal obligations and comply with the enviromental legislation
  • To use the best technology in order to minimize the environmental damage
  • We work to protect environment and environmental awareness.
  • In order to improve enviromental awareness together with our employees, customers, steakholders we ensure adoption of the life philosphy
  • In order to avoid enviromental pollution; we try our best to reduce pollutants in the waste of resources and re-use
  • Constantly developing our product quality,environmental protection system and implementing pretentive actions with unnecessary use of resources

Health and Safety Policy

  • To identify the conditions that endanger the health and safety our employees, customers and stakeholders and take necessary actions
  • Ensure employees, customers and stakeholders related with the health and safety awareness
  • Constatly improve our health and safety systems
  • Work in accordance with the current safety and health regulations
  • To determine and apply health and safety principles in our operations.